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Sunken treasure trove beckons

Norma Connolly

From Compass Cayman Treasure hunter Herbert “Herbo” Humphreys has claimed another wreck site at which he and his crew will search for...
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Marex Global
marex_logoMarex Global was founded in 1983 as a Maritime Exploration Company. Marex Global’s principle purpose is the research, location and recovery of shipwrecks of archeological, historical and intrinsic value. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Herbert Humphreys Jr., Marex Global has become an industry leader in the field of historic shipwreck recovery. Technology has enabled Marex to search for, discover and recover shipwrecks that were previously deemed inaccessible. Marex Global is a responsible and principled maritime operation that has the resources and expertise to locate, recover, and preserve valuable historic cargoes in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. Marex Global will do its part to preserve humanity's maritime heritage for future generations to respect and enjoy.